Wedding Planner Training

Formation Wedding Planner

Becoming a wedding planner

Is this work that you are passionate about?

Do you wish to be a Wedding planner or to do an internship at LPR Services?


Were you meant to be a wedding planner? If your answer is yes then apply for a training with our Team to become a Wedding planner or a Wedding coordinator.

The businessman behind the management

The everyday-life of a Wedding planner fluctuates all year long between day-to-day admin and impeccable managing.

Choose a complete training program that will help you to build your future agency as well as developing all the skills of a Wedding Planner. Pick a training delivered by a wedding professional who combines theory and practice because nothing replaces doing while learning!

Indeed, training to become a wedding planner is needed to gain the knowledge and skills in order to work as a Wedding Planner. This training teaches you the basis and provides with all the useful information you’ll need to know to organize a wedding

A complete training:

  • Étude de marché
  • Business Plan
  • Analyse des coûts/Plan financier
  • Marketing/Outils de communication > Formation réseaux sociaux !
  • Déclaration de votre société

Business Plan

  • Cost analysis/Financial plan
  • Marketing/Communication tools> Social media training!
  • Company’s mission and vision statement

Not to mention the acquisition of an interesting address book!

Contact LPR Services for a coaching & training that meets your professional expectations.